If you're aged 11 to 16 you need an igo pass to pay the concessionary fare on buses in Greater Manchester.

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Your igo pass proves that you are aged 16 or under and will be valid until 31 August after your 16th birthday.

The igo pass has replaced the ID-16 card.


The igo pass costs £5 and you can only get one if you live or go to school in Greater Manchester.

Your igo pass also allows you to buy money-saving travel tickets such as the System One Junior Bus Saver season ticket.


You can only get an igo pass if you live or go to school in Greater Manchester.

You should receive your igo pass by post within 10 working days. If you don't receive it please phone 0161 244 1050.

Your igo pass is issued to terms and conditions. Click here to see these.

You can get a replacement from Transport for Greater Manchester phoning 0161 244 1050. A £5 charge will be made for the replacement. Until you have a replacement pass you will have to pay higher fares for bus journeys in Greater Manchester.

how to use

Always show your igo pass to the driver when getting on the bus, and to any other official who asks to see it during your journey.

Please look after your igo pass, as damaged, defaced or out-of-date passes will not be accepted and may even be confiscated. Replacements will be charged for.

Never allow anyone else to use your igo pass as it will be confiscated.

Your igo pass will be taken off you if you are caught misbehaving when using public transport. Click here to see what we mean.

where can igo?

You can use your igo pass to travel anywhere on buses in Greater Manchester for the concessionary fare.

If part of your bus journey is outside Greater Manchester you will pay the concessionary fare for the part of the journey in Greater Manchester and a higher fare* for the part of your journey that is not in Greater Manchester. *Costs vary depending on bus company.

If you're using Metrolink in Greater Manchester, you can also use your igo to prove you should pay child fares.

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